CLIA Board

The governing board of Cupsaw Lake Improvement Association represents the association and its members by developing and supporting the lake and the grounds of Cupsaw Lake for the use and benefit of its members. The board consists of the executive committee, the immediate past president, standing committee chairs, ten membership representatives and presidents of each recognized sub-organization.
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Communication Committee keeps members updated on life around Cupsaw Lake. Keep informed about important information and current events via email, the website and through our social sites. Follow us on:

Dam Committee keeps the lake’s dam and spillway safe and sound.

Environmental Committee manages the health of the lake and its surroundings. The committee ensures that the lake’s water is clean and that the surrounding environment helps improve the quality of lake life.

Executive Committee oversees the operations of CLIA. The committee consists of the President, the Vice Presidents of Administration, Grounds and Facilities, and Recreation, the Recording and Corresponding Secretaries, and the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer.

Finance Committee consists of the executive committee and are charged with managing the finances of CLIA.

Grounds & Facilities ensures that the grounds, the baseball field, and tennis courts are maintained and usable year-round.

Membership Committee
The membership chair and the ten membership representatives guide and support existing members, and also promote membership to non-members.

Recreation Committee oversees all recreation at Cupsaw Lake, including the waterfront, and manages the lifeguard program.

Social Committee oversees events for CLIA members of all ages throughout the year.