2023 CLAA Golf Sponsorships

Friday, September 22 @ Black Bear, Franklin, NJ

Your message will reach over 150 golfers from the North Jersey area.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • Family Sponsor – $25
  • Hole Sponsor – $50
  • Three Hole Sponsor – $100

Premium Sponsorship Opportunities:

Contact: Chris Lucena – 973-521-0253 or Mike Dalton – 201-819-1368 for more information.

Contact: Chris Lucena – 973-521-0253 or Mike Dalton – 201-819-1368 for more information.

2023 CLAA Golf Outing

Friday, September 22 @ Black Bear, Franklin, NJ

Benefits the Past Presidents & David Diamantopoulos Civic Recognition Award Scholarship Funds

  • Lunch and Registration 11:00 am to 12:30 pm
  • Tee Time 12:30 pm – Shot Gun Start
  • Buffet Dinner for GOLFERS ONLY at the GOLF COURSE 6:00 pm + Prizes
  • $175. Includes lunch, dinner, green fees, and cart
  • Additional $25.00 per golfer if riding the bus. The bus leaves Cupsaw clubhouse at 10:00 am and returns after dinner.

Complete the application form by September 8.

Sponsors, donations, and gifts are welcome. Download and complete the form.

Questions? Contact: Chris Lucena – 973-521-0253 or Mike Dalton – 201-819-1368

Cupsaw Weekend 23 | Food & Drink


Shop at Ringwood Wine & Liquors Thursday through Sunday


Friday, Aug 4

Polish night
Meal includes kielbasa, sauerkraut, pierogis sautéed in butter & onions, and rye bread.


Pre-orders not required. Pre-pay accepted thru Venmo: @CLMensAA

Sponsored by Cupsaw Lake Athletic Association

Music by The Dirty Water Dogs


Saturday, Aug 5


Hoagie or Chicken Fingers
Sponsored by Beach Club


Hot Heroes
Your choice: Eggplant, Chicken or Meatball.


Pre-order required. Order and payment are due by Noon on Thursday, Aug 3.

Order here: https://tinyurl.com/saturdaysandwiches

Sponsored by CLIA

Music @ 2:00pm by Rob Nicholas | Music @ 6:00 by The Shire Rats

Cupsaw Weekend 23 Schedule


4:00 Kid’s Free Throw Contest

5:30 Music by The Dirty Water Dogs

6:00 Fab Friday – Polish Night

6:30 Big Splash and Little Splash Contest


9:30 Adult Lake Swim

11:00 Bake-Off Entries Due in Kitchen

11:00 Kid’s Triathlon

12:30 Lunch for Sale – Hoagie or chicken fingers

1:30 Sand Games (Sack Race, Egg Toss, Cookie Eating)

2:00 Music by Rob Nicholas

3:00 Bake-Off Judging

3:00 Diving

3:30 Swim Relays (Kickboard, Family & Friends Relay, Counselors vs. Guards)

6:00 Music by The Shire Rats

6:00 Dinner – Details to come

6:00 Adult Volleyball Tournament (high school graduate)

6:00 Awards for all the day’s event


9:00 Essentrics Dynamic Exercise Class

10:00 Kid’s Lake Swim

11:00  Bocce Contest – Closest to the pallino ball on the bocce green

11:30 Kayak and Paddleboard Races

12:00 Horseshoe Competition.  Categories for all ages.  Free hotdog if you participate

12:30 Kid’s Newcombe Tournament (entering 4th through entering 8th grade)

12:30 Adult Titan Pong Tournament

12:45 Free Throw Contest

2:00 Sailing Regatta

2:00 Homerun Derby (Categories for all ages)

6:00 Teen Volleyball Tournament (entering 8th through entering 12th grade)

Fab Friday Music Supporters

Thank you to these sponsors for their generous donations to the Fab Friday Music Fund.

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