Become a Member

Cupsaw Lake is a 65-acre freshwater lake in Ringwood, New Jersey. As a homeowner in the Cupsaw Lake area of Ringwood, you may join the Cupsaw Lake Improvement Association (CLIA) to take advantage of all the benefits of lake community membership. It’s a place where family fun is paramount and where families come to create a lifetime of memories.

Membership Requirements

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  • You reside within the Cupsaw Lake boundary. Check the Cupsaw Lake membership map.
  • If your house is on or near the red line, then you can email to determine your eligibility.
  • Membership each year is restricted to the maximum number of households legally allowed. Prior year members are given priority, with new member applications processed in the order in which applications and payments are received.
  • There is a one-time initiation fee of $500 per new membership.


2024 CLIA Dues Schedule

Regular Membership
$610 Homeowner – Mortgage/Deed holder
$669 Rental – Leaseholder

Senior Membership*
$359 Homeowner – Mortgage/Deed holder Fee includes up to two badges
$384 Rental – Leaseholder Fee includes up to two badges
$30 Each additional badge for Senior Member household if required.

*At least one owner or leaseholder is 65 or older anytime during calendar 2024 (proof of age required). Senior members receive a maximum of 2 badges. Additional badges can be purchased for additional full-time summer or permanent residents.

Other Fees:
$30 Tennis key
$10 New boat registration tag
$50/$65 Boat slip (depending on location)
$10 Replacement parking tag
$5 Replacement badge

$500 One-time initiation fee for new members