2024 Cupsaw Lake Athletic Association Scholarship Program

The CLAA Scholarship Program and the David Diamantopoulos Civic Recognition Award are open to all dependents of CLIA members in good standing and are offered to high school seniors or high school graduates who are actively pursuing a program in an accredited school.

In 2023, three scholarships were awarded to high school seniors from the Cupsaw Lake community.     

Instructions can be found inside the application.

Applications are due by Friday, April 19, 2024.

2024 Member Dues Raffle

Sponsored by Cupsaw Lake Athletic Association

Raffle entry rules:

  • Must be a CLIA member in good standing as of 2023.
  • $20 per entry. (You can choose to opt in more than once.)
  • Raffle will begin 1/1/2024 and run through 2/29/2024.
  • Raffle drawing will take place on March 5, 2024.
  • The winner will be awarded a free Cupsaw Lake membership for 2024. Please note this DOES NOT include any fees for boat slips, badges, tennis keys, parking tags, or initiation fees. This raffle is solely for membership dues. (If the winner has already paid their 2024 membership dues, the fee will be refunded to the winner.)