Contact us by mail:
Cupsaw Lake Improvement Association
P.O. Box 205
Ringwood, NJ 07456-0205

Clubhouse & Beach Address:
185 Cupsaw Drive
Ringwood, NJ 07456

Clubhouse Phone:
(973) 962-7969

CLIA Contacts

President: Paul Scutti

VP – Administration: Denise Scutti

VP – Grounds & Facilities: Joe Politano

VP – Recreation: Jackie Lucena

Recording Secretary: Wendy Rothlauf

Corresponding Secretary: Edward Rose

Treasurer: Kayla Thomas

Assistant Treasurer: Linda Munsey
District 1: Kyle Lanou

District 2: Anne Badia

District 3: J.J. King

District 4: Ray Bayard

District 5: Tim Powers

District 6: Susan Earl

District 7: Elizabeth Lefford

District 8: Diane Kaplan

District 9: Greg Imhoff

District 10: Danata Leena

Out of Area: Susan Earl

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Beach Club President
Kim Dalton:

Women’s AA
Jane Burke:

Cupsaw Lake Athletic Association
Chris Lucena:

Men’s Darts & Horseshoes
Joe Politano:
Executive Committee Paul Scutti:

Finance Committee Kayla Thomas:

Grounds & Facilities Committee Joe Politano:

Recreation Committee Jackie Lucena:

Environment Committee Open:

Dam Committee Sean Noonan:

Communications Committee Edward Rose:

Social Committee Tricia Siegel:

Membership Committee Susan Earl:

Rental Committee Paul Scutti:
Turtle Island Sheriff Dan Cavallo:

Email List Administrator Edward Rose:

Webmaster Ray Bayard:

Rental Manager Paul Scutti:

Clubhouse Steward Paul Scutti:

Security Director Paul Fili:

Women’s AA Exercise Program Violette:

Volunteer Coordinator Kayla Thomas:

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