Sunday 9/26/2021 @8AM

Join Tom Conway, chair of Cupsaw’s Environmental Committee,

for a 90-minute tour of Cupsaw Lake. 

Meet at the Clubhouse

We will begin on land, walk the grounds and talk about various areas and how they affect our lake’s environment. Then we will head onto the water to see various issues and actions affecting our environment. 

Please bring your own boat. If you do not have access to a boat, please reach out to Lifejackets are strongly encouraged, and you should dress warmly as early autumn mornings can be chilly on the lake. We will paddle 2 miles in a leisurely hour. 

Feel free to bring a camera.



  • Rain garden – More than just a pretty feature
  • Animal habitats
  • Runoff areas – stormwater
  • Shoreline erosion
  • Paddlewheel and water movers
  • Aeration


  • Treatments
  • Stream inputs
  • Aquatic vegetation
  • Algae
  • Birds – goose management
  • Fish
  • Lakefront do’s and don’ts
  • Sonic devices – We will clean a device.
  • More aeration
  • Dam and surface skimming
  • Cove issues
  • Measurements – Secchi, Dissolved Oxygen

Bring your questions like: What do turtles do in the winter? Why do we treat the lake?  Why don’t we open the dam before a storm?  You’ll get answers to those and many more.