Cupsaw Lake Improvement Association Rules & Regulations

Amended as of December 2023

Cupsaw Lake Improvement Association
PO Box 205
Ringwood, NJ 07456


  1. Badges must be worn at all times while on any CLIA property (including, but not limited to the beach, lake, dam, fire suction points, tennis courts, and baseball field).
  2. All guests must be accompanied by a CLIA member who must always remain with their guests. A maximum of 6 guests per member household is allowed. A person who lives in the Cupsaw area who is eligible to join CLIA, CANNOT enter as a guest.
  3. Children under the age of 11 must be accompanied by a responsible party.
  4. No glass of any kind is allowed on CLIA property, except for within the Clubhouse.
  5. Remember to recycle – it’s the law!
  6. Please, do not put diapers in the trash or recycling cans.
  7. No smoking or vaping on Cupsaw recreation area, beach, island, or in the clubhouse.
  8. No dogs, except registered service dogs, are allowed on any CLIA property at any time of the year.
  9. All motor vehicles must have a current CLIA parking hangtag viewable through the windshield in order to use the parking lot.
  10. The CLIA parking lot is for members to attend activities on the grounds. The parking lot is not to be used to store vehicles.
  11. Bicycles are allowed on the paved parking lot only. Bicyclists are required to wear helmets when on CLIA property. Bicycles are not permitted inside the fenced-in beach area. Also, they are NOT permitted on any courts, the beach, the grass, or the picnic area.
  12. Climbing on and/or jumping over CLIA fences is strictly prohibited – as is climbing on any trees on CLIA property.
  13. Rocks on the lakeside of the dam are there for the protection of the dam and to prevent erosion. Rocks should not be moved or thrown into the water.
  14. All boats using the lake or any other CLIA facilities must be registered with CLIA and must have a numbered tag permanently affixed to the boat. Additionally, all boats must have current CLIA boat decals displayed appropriately.
  15. Remember that this is your lake. Please keep it clean and orderly.
  16. Cupsaw Lake is carry-in/carry-out. Please be sure to take your trash and recycling with you.



  1. Obey the lifeguards; they are here for your safety!
  2. Lifeguards have the obligation to remove from the water any person not following our rules.
  3. Parents are responsible for watching their children at all times.
  4. No sitting or hanging on the ropes or lane lines.
  5. No jumping or diving off the walls.
  6. No floating devices are allowed in the shallow end.
  7. Non-swimmers are not permitted beyond the rope in the water.
  8. No talking to lifeguards while they are on duty.


  1. One person at a time on the ladder.
  2. Sitting position only. No sliding head first!
  3. No flotation devices may be used on any slides.
  4. To use the big slide, a child must be able to swim, unassisted, to the stairs. No exceptions. The guards have the right the test anyone who seems to be of questionable ability.
  5. Parents are not permitted to catch their children coming off the big slide.  
    Sand Area
  6. No Frisbee (any flying disk) or ball playing on the sand or grass areas. All ball playing must be confined to the recreation area.
  7. No chairs, blankets, or towels on the sand.
  8. No throwing sand.
  9. Any holes must be filled in before leaving.
  10. Sand and water toys should be picked up before leaving.

Water Area

  1. No rough ball play.
  2. No throwing sand or excessive splashing of water.
  3. No pushing on the floating docks.
  4. No swimming under the floating docks.
  5. No flotation devices of any kind will be permitted on the docks.
  6. No long pants or below-mid-calf shorts.

Diving Area

  1. All divers must be able to swim the 25-meter lanes without assistance. No exceptions. The guards have the right to test anyone who seems to be of questionable ability.
  2. No use of flotation devices on diving equipment.
  3. No tag or ball playing.
  4. No running on the boards.
  5. No loitering on the boards.
  6. No handstands off the boards.
  7. One person at a time on the boards and ladders.



Boating is at a member’s own risk. Boats allowed on Cupsaw Lake include rowboats, jon boats, canoes, kayaks, paddleboats, paddleboards, and sailboats. Boats not listed are not permitted on the lake.

  1. All state laws regarding the use of personal flotation devices (i.e., life vests) must be obeyed.
  2. All children 12 and under must wear a personal flotation device on any type of vessel.
  3. Boats must be registered with CLIA and must have a current CLIA-issued tag secured to the boat.
  4. CLIA badges must always be worn while operating a boat on CLIA property.
  5. Boats with electric motors:

a. Only 12-volt electric motors are permitted. Only one motor per boat.

b. Batteries must be enclosed in case molds and safely secured to the boat.

c. Operators must be at least 18 years of age and must have a valid boat operator’s license.

d. There must be a personal flotation device on board for each person in the boat. (See Boating Rule #1.)

  1. Boats stored on Turtle Island or at South Dock:

a. A CLIA-issued tag and current CLIA boat decals must be affixed as described above in Rules #3 and #4. (Plus, if a boat has an assigned slip on Turtle Island, a turtle decal must be placed on the right side of the boat’s bow.)

b. Any boat not in compliance will be removed by CLIA.

c. Members whose boats are removed by CLIA for noncompliance may be subject to the loss of their slip.

d. Members should contact the Sheriff of Turtle Island to claim boats removed by CLIA.

Clubhouse and Picnic Area

  1. CLIA and its sub-organizations may use the clubhouse for their functions. Scheduling is managed through the Rental Manager.
  2. Cupsaw members in good standing may rent the clubhouse for private functions. Contact the Rental Manager for scheduling and fee payment. The rental fee structure is available on
  3. The use of Heeleys (sneakers with built-in wheels), or any other skating in the Clubhouse is strictly prohibited.
  4. The picnic area is available to CLIA members in good standing on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no fee, but members are required to recycle and leave the area clean.
  5. Grills are provided for use in the picnic area. Any personal grills left on CLIA property will be disposed of by CLIA and the responsible member will be charged a $50.00 disposal fee.
  6. The dumpster is for CLIA’s use only. No personal trash or recycling is allowed.
  7. The picnic area is CLIA property and therefore no glass is permitted in the picnic area or any other outdoor CLIA property. (The only glass exception is inside the Clubhouse.)
  8. Remember to recycle and pick up your trash!

Fabulous Fridays

  1. No CLIA member under the age of 18 can sign in a guest after 12 Noon on Fabulous Fridays.
  2. No children 16 and under are permitted in the picnic area and/or Turtle Island without adult supervision on Fabulous Fridays.
  3. There will be a 30-minute warning prior to the court lights being shut off for the night.


  1. You must be a member of CLIA. All guests must be accompanied by a member with a current badge.
  2. You must have a current, valid New Jersey fishing license.
  3. No fishing or fishing tackle of any kind is allowed within the fenced area of the beach. There is a T-dock off Turtle Island for fishing in the Clubhouse area.
  4. Fishing from the bridge leading to Turtle Island is strictly prohibited.
  5. All efforts must be made to prevent fishing line from becoming entangled in the water movers installed under the bridge to Turtle Island.
  6. Fishing from a boat is not permitted within 50 feet of the swim lanes, diving boards, beach, or any of the floating docks.
  7. No fishing is allowed in the swimming area. (Swimming area is defined as all water from the beach to 50 feet past the farthest floating swim raft.)


Feeding waterfowl is prohibited by Ringwood Borough Ordinance #1992-1, which states, “It shall be unlawful for any person to feed or to permit the feeding of any waterfowl within the Borough.” Waterfowl include swans, geese, brants, river and sea ducks, seagulls, etc. This prohibition applies to all CLIA property, as well as privately owned property.

Lake Ice

  1. Using the lake when it is frozen is at the member’s own risk.
  2. You must be a member of CLIA to be on the frozen lake. All guests must be accompanied by a member with a current badge.
  3. Ice skating is done at a member’s own risk. Please wait until the ice is at least 4 inches thick and verify the ice is safe before using.
  4. Ice fishing is restricted to the area south of East Point and at least fifty feet from the shoreline.
  5. No power augers are permitted on the frozen lake, and all holes must be filled in before leaving.
  6. No bonfires are allowed on the frozen lake.
  7. No motorized vehicles of any kind are allowed on the frozen lake.

Lakefront Residents

  1. The Governing Board must approve any work on or over CLIA’s property. Members wishing to complete such projects should submit, prior to beginning any work, a written request to CLIA for review. All requests must conform to the restrictions established in the CLIA Constitution and By-laws and should include a written description of the work proposed. Failure to properly notify CLIA may result in the lakefront property owner having to restore the lake’s property at his/her own expense.
  2. Disposal of leaves and/or other debris into the lake, any of its feeder streams, or any other CLIA property is strictly prohibited.
  3. No privately owned water movers, diffusers, or fountains that require electricity or dispense water above the water line are allowed in or on Cupsaw Lake. Privately owned diffusers (defined as anything that uses air to create bubbles in the water or uses air to move water and does not require electricity to operate) may be allowed with prior approval from the Environmental Committee. All diffusers must be turned off by November 1 and not turned on until ice-out or April 1, whichever comes later.

Public Nuisances

The member, whether adult or child, will be warned by Security or an officer of CLIA. If the offender is a child, his/her parents or guardian will be contacted and made aware of the situation. If the offenses continue, the member in question will have his/her beach privileges suspended for 3 to 10 days. If the matter is not resolved at that point, and after being notified by registered mail, the offender and his/her immediate family will lose their membership according to the CLIA By-Laws.


  1. Anyone caught vandalizing anything in or on CLIA property will fully be prosecuted. No exceptions or warnings will be made.

We strongly encourage all CLIA Members to offer suggestions on refining or adding to these Rules and Regulations. Please email your suggestions to

Thank you for your support and cooperation!

Any questions or concerns about any rule or regulation, please contact the president at

Address of Clubhouse: 185 Cupsaw Drive
CLIA Mailing Address: PO Box 205, Ringwood, NJ 07456